Products, Process and Our Guarantee

We are dedicated experts in the sourcing and supply of specialist and hard to locate materials in sectors such as office supplies, building supplies, medical equipment.

  1. General office Stationery – All types of office stationery
  2. Bulk Filing Systems – Mass storage 3 to 24 bays available in cream and grey.
  3. Office supplies services –Delivering desk jet printers, tonners, cartridges and photocopying papers.
  4. Office Furnishing –Delivering Desks, cabinets, general office furniture and office curtains.
  5. IT solution – Computers, Computer software solutions, Computer consumables, Networking, Digital cards
  6. Promotional Items – Branded promotional item

We source and supply a wide range of items ranging from Curtains, carpets, Office Furniture, IT and Office Supplies, Medical equipment, Foodstuff, Security equipment and fittings, Uniforms and many more. Our services are centered on three value-adding principles: We Source, We Supply, We Support.
Our responsibility for boosting our customers’ sales is never taken lightly, and it is with this in mind that we travel to factories and showrooms internationally to source new products that offer a point of difference.
When selecting the new season’s range we ensure wherever possible our buying criteria are met. The qualities we are looking for above all, from potential suppliers are:

Authenticity – to ensure colour, form and characteristics correctly replicate those of the customer’s corporate and personal needs.
Quality of construction – we ensure that each item is superbly manufactured, and the materials used are of impeccable quality.

Value for money – will our retailers and designers get a good deal from us?
Market trends – do they complement the current interior, color and fashion trends?
You are an important part of the decision making process. We stay in regular contact with our customers due to the fact we truly value your comments and welcome your feedback. We enjoy hearing about your projects and how the product is going to be used. So when you complete a project or arrangement and love the results, please don’t hesitate to send us your photos and or merchandising ideas that have worked for you!

It is all this information, along with our own research of local and overseas trends that enables us to identify, source and supply a range which will boost your sales and enhance the living and working environment.