ICT Connectivity

SBV offers a wide range of fast, reliable and affordable ICT Connectivity and Internet Access Services to suit the needs and budget of any business. As one of the most used forms of communication today, constant internet connectivity is critical to maintaining a high level of business productivity.

With so many internet packages to choose from, finding the right one to suit your individual business requirements can be difficult without the right help and advice on your side. SBV simplifies the process by identifying your unique objectives and matching them with a controlled internet connectivity solution, allowing your business and employees to benefit from internet access, both at the office and on the go.

Our Internet Connectivity options include:

Wireless: No wires – no fuss. Take advantage of the flexibility and reliability that wireless internet provides. Choose from a range of wireless internet packages from uncapped to capped, depending on the nature and size of your business.

ADSL: Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) connections provide high speed internet connections through existing fixed line telecommunications infrastructure, particularly suited for web browsing and email applications.

Fibre: For businesses that require substantial bandwidth capacity and superior connections, optic fibre is the best uncapped and unshaped solution to all your internet connectivity needs, offering an unparalleled internet experience.

Diginet: Get around-the-clock, secure, point-to point, stable internet access over a digital transmission with Diginet – a dedicated, synchronous data transfer service that offers constant bandwidth on a daily basis.

3G/LTE: Revolutionise your internet experience with the latest in high speed wireless connectivity solutions. Long Term Evolution (LTE) offering the power of 3G with lower latency to download web pages faster than ever before.

Microwave: Combining the power of wireless and Diginet, managed Microwave internet access offer high speed business connectivity in areas where there is no fixed line or wireless infrastructure with added stability for a dependable connection.